Room 3 PLJPS

  • Welcome Room 3

    where learning is fun & creative..

    Room 3 Teachers: Mrs Sonia Akehurst

    Room 3 Students: 8 students

    Room 3 Year Level: Foundation – Year 2

  • 'Room 3 is a fun place to be.'

    Room 3 District Junior Special Class is a vibrant, welcoming class for R-2 students with disabilities that meet the criteria for this special option.

    • Staff  team of 2 teachers and up to 5 SSOs provide innovative and inclusive individualised learning programmes for each student
    • A setting rich in numeracy,  literacy,  personal safety, social awareness and physical skills development programmes.
    • Every child is stretched to reach independence at their learning goals with every success celebrated by the class team in collaboration with families. Communication for every child to have a "voice" ensures children become proficient users of high and low technologies.
    • Respectful, safe learning conditions with clear work schedules and routines allow each child to take learning challenges and grow.
    • Transition programmes are planned into and from the class. Room 3 students participate in all whole school activities and form friendship connections across the school.
    • Sensory and play based approaches.
    • Riding for the disabled fortnightly.
    • Swimming weekly.