PLJPS Term 1 Week 10 Newsletter 2016

April 06, 2016

PLJPS Term 1 Week 10 Newsletter 2016

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Benefits of Yoga for Children

In Week 9 a three-day yoga intensive was held for our students at the Port Lincoln School of Yoga. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to experience yoga in a dedicated yoga space. The students learnt about the benefits of yoga for their body and mind, they learnt special breathing techniques to use whenever they need, and had fun practicing the special yoga poses.

What is a Buddy bench?

A Buddy Bench is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendships in the yard. The Buddy Bench will be placed in the yard and students know that they can go to the bench to meet a new friend or catch up with a class buddy. We hope our upcoming Icy Pole fundraiser will raise funds for the PLJP’s first Buddy bench.



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