PLJPS Term 1 Week 4 Newsletter 2016

February 24, 2016

PLJPS Term 1 Week 4 Newsletter 2016

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Marbles in the Jar

We are working together to fill our marbles in our jars

Classes are all involved in a new strategy to encourage positive behaviour. All teachers reward classes by putting a marble in a class jar, when the whole class has worked well as a team. This encourages inclusive behaviour in a positive way. When a class has 20 marbles they can have an immediate reward (eg stop work for a quick game, play on the playground, story etc). The positive vibe this initiative has generated already this year is great to see. Ask your child how their class is going in collecting marbles.


All students enjoyed the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons during weeks 3 & 4, it is a beneficial way to develop water safety and swimming skills.

MAP Workshop:

A journey into the heart of parenting young children. In 2004 Dr Coleman coordinated, developed and trained professionals in an award-winning project aimed to increase the understanding of infant mental health within the community. She used her specialist clinical knowledge and expertise to create the MAP Workshop series for parents in 2008. The first fully accredited MAP™ Instructors were trained in March 2009. The training program is run nationally. Contact the Tobruk Centre for Children’s Development for an opportunity to participate in an innovative 5 week workshop series for parents and caregivers of children aged from birth to 5 years.


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