PLJPS Term 2 Week 2 Newsletter 2016

May 25, 2016

PLJPS Term 2 Week 2 Newsletter 2016

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A is for Attendance

Attendance is a critical factor in any child’s school success. Children should attend school every day, except in cases of illness or emergency. It is impossible to replace the learning that happens on any school day with make-up work. Regular attendance and promptness are good habits that are expected and appreciated at all levels of schooling and the workplace. This year, make school a priority in your household. Commit to excellence in attendance. Your child’s future depends on it!


Week 3 – Thursday 19th and Friday 20th May will be school closure days. These days are important opportunities for staff to be kept up to date with training. Staff will be attending full day training on Writing and Growth Mindset.



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