PLJPS Term 2 Week 4 Newsletter 2016

June 01, 2016

PLJPS Term 2 Week 4 Newsletter 2016

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Parent Workshops

Last week we started the first of a series of Parent Workshops. This week we join Lynne Harris as she gives us some helpful tips on Listening to your Child Read……

How can you best help your child who is reading aloud? Should you correct each mistake your child makes? Should you tell your child every word he does not know?

Join us for a cuppa and biscuit in the staff room this Thursday. The workshops run for 30 minutes from 9 – 9:30 am and continue on alternate Monday and Thursday mornings.

From the Principal….

We are really enjoying the immediate connection now that Cranston Kindy is on site. Interactions that are happening are as simple as noughts and crosses through the clear walls, to classes reading with the Pre school children and making instant friends with our new partners. Our staff have just undertaken 2 intensive training days which we are all putting into action already. Thursday was a writing workshop and Friday was Growth Mindset which further developed our understanding of the importance of teaching children the skills to persist and practise harder tasks, strategies to develop so we have a “tool” kit of strategies when things get tough with learning, friendships and other daily hurdles.

Kathy Davison


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