PLJPS Term 4 Week 3 Newsletter 2016

November 02, 2016

PLJPS Term 4 Week 3 Newsletter 2016

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School Road Safety

We want to ensure the safety of children, pedestrians and motorists around our school at all times. You can help by obeying road rules and allowing enough time to drop off and pick up your child. Heavy fines apply if you are caught using areas that are not designated for parking, the fine for parking in a disabled park without displaying a permit is $353.  Children are both vulnerable and subject to acting on  impulse. It is vital that adults lead by example and set good road safety practices.

200 Marble Jars

Each class has a jar and once the jar has 20 marbles in it the class earns a group reward, these rewards are often decided by the students as a whole class decision—rewards often  include some yard play, ipad use, making time etc The Marble Jar works well by being used consistently, and when students understand expectations and what behaviours will earn marbles. Last week our school combined all the marbles earned by each class, totalling 200 marble Jars ! As a whole school reward we came together and enjoyed a whole school picnic on the front lawn.

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