Term 4 Week 6 2018 Newsletter

November 26, 2018

Term 4 Week 6 2018 Newsletter

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Room 7

Room 7 have continued their love of reading with a countdown to the last day of school (with a Christmas twist). Each student selected a favourite book (that they would like to gift) to secretly add to the advent       calendar. Each day they pick out a student to take a book off the calendar, children read and share the book and then it goes to its new home. The students in Room 7 have written inscriptions sharing the reason for the book choice and a favourite memory from year 1.


Transition is a wonderful time for all of our new students to experience school life. All children will be joining us on their allocated days for the next four weeks. We look forward to 2019 when they will be joining the Port Lincoln Junior Primary School on a permanent basis.



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