PLJPS Parent info

  • Parent Information

    The following information is provided for parents of our school
  • Intention to Enrol 2019 - 2020

    School notices

    School notices are sent home regularly and the School Newsletter is available to view on our web page unless a printed copy is requested. Newsletters will be available to view in weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 of each term.

    Please ensure that your child’s bag is checked for notices and information is promptly acted on.


    Shared goals and understandings are vital for your child’s whole development. Opportunities for parents and teachers to communicate are many and varied, some formal and many informal.

    They include:

    • Parent/ teacher interviews
    • Communication Books
    • Home books
    • Work sample folders
    • Open nights        
    • Classroom involvement
    • Home visits        
    • Notes and letters
    • Workshops Surveys
    • Special events School/class notice boards
    • Social activities Task groups/reference groups

    Effective communication and sound relationships between home and school are a solid foundation upon which we build a child’s education and future.


    Please observe the 25kph speed around our school.

    Take care not to stop or park near the school crossing, road junctions or bus zones.

    Parking is available at:

    • Centenary Oval.
    • The front of the school.
    • The side lane – Tolmer Lane (parking restrictions apply)

    When exiting Tolmer Lane onto Adelaide Place when collecting your children after school, please do not turn right across traffic as this can create a huge back up of cars behind you at this very busy time of day. Turn left and go around the roundabout.

    Park Terrace is not available for drop off or parking any time.


    Parent Participation

    Parents have much to offer !

    Your involvement in the school can be an enriching experience for all concerned.

    You could be involved in….

    • The Resource Centre
    • Classroom programs
    • Support programs
    • Swimming programs
    • School Council
    • School administration

    By doing what?

    • Reading stories
    • Talking with children
    • Working with individual children or small groups
    • Listening to reading
    • Developing playground equipment
    • Making learning activities
    • Supervising groups of children
    • Participating in creative activities
    • Acting as a resource person
    • Maintaining school facilities
  • PLJPS External Review


    It is important that children learn to be punctual and be encouraged to develop responsibility for getting themselves and their things ready for school.

    It is helpful if children have clear set routines at home and support from parents to enable them to do this.

    Change of Circumstances

    Please notify the school about any change of circumstances which may affect your child’s well being. For example, a change of :

    • custody
    • bereavement
    • marriage / religion
    • medical conditions
    • name
    • address
    • phone number, etc…..

    This information will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.

    Money with children

    Please send any money to school in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and room number written on the front.

    School Uniform

    The Uniform Shop is run by the Parent Club; who open the Uniform shop on Monday mornings (8:45 – 9:15am) alternatively a uniform order form can be downloaded and either emailed to us at or dropped into the front office and orders will be ready for pickup within 24 hours *subject to availability

    • Our uniform is basically the same as the Primary School.
    • The PLJPS colours are: Green & Gold
    • Broad brim Hats are available through the Uniform Shop.

    The uniform shop sells:

    • windcheaters & polo shirts with the school logo
    • trackpants, boys long grey gaberdine pants, shorts, girls culottes & matching shirts
    • broad brim hats & school bags.

    Lost property: is kept in a basket near the Staff Room. Check it regularly. LABELLED ARTICLES SAVE YOU MONEY & TIME!

    Please Note: Sandals or well fitting shoes are suitable footwear for school. Thongs or Reefies are not acceptable.

    Please note that hats are also compulsory in Terms 1 and 4 as part of our “Sunsmart” program.

    Governing Council.

    The overall management of the Junior Primary School and Primary School is guided by the Governing Council.

    The Council’s tasks include:

    • Monitoring the educational and financial operations of both schools.
    • Overseeing the school facilities.
    • Finding out and representing the needs of the school community.
    • Becoming informed and informing others about educational issues.

    The Governing Council is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. Councillors are usually elected for a 2 year term. If you are interested in becoming a Councillor please see the Principal.

    If you would like to become involved, but not as a Governing Council member, there are opportunities such as:

    • Sub Committee membership
    • Participation in Working Bees
    • Attending Annual General Meetings of Governing Council
    • Attending social or fundraising functions
    School Timetable
    Policies & Health exclusions