PLJPS Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter 2016

March 09, 2016

PLJPS Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter 2016

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Safety around School

Emu (flags) and koala (flashing lights) crossings are part-time crossings situated on roads near schools. They only operate as crossings when the flags are up or the lights are flashing. At all other times vehicles have priority.

Emu crossings have white road markings and red CHILDREN CROSSING flags displayed on red and white posts. They are only operational when the red CHILDREN CROSSING flags are displayed. School crossing monitors are present before school and at the end of the school day. Whenever crossing the road, even if flags are displayed, they should use the STOP LOOK LISTEN THINK procedures to check that vehicles have seen them before they walk across. As emu crossings are in school zones, drivers must travel no more than 25 km/h at any time when children are present on the road or footpath. Drivers must stop for anyone using the crossing when the flags are displayed. Due to the increased activity in and around the school please be mindful of the crossing and around bus drop off and pick up areas.

Go for 2&5® Healthy Eating with Fruit and Vegetable

Put a crunch in lunch

As children have headed back to school, ideas for packed lunches are at a premium. It’s time to look for quick and easy ways to add in some serves of fruit and veg. Cool, crunchy vegie sticks are certainly one old favourite but there are other ways to encourage good habits. Some ideas to try include:

 Making it easy for kids by including ready to eat chopped up seasonal fruit – apples, pears and kiwifruit should be on the shopping list.

 Use snaplock bags for cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks and capsicum strips.

 Take a break from sandwiches by grabbing a pita pocket bread and filling it with crunchy vegies.

If you would like some more healthy tips on encouraging children to eat more fruit and vegetables why not download this handy Fact Sheet – Children and Young People from And while you are in the downloading mood, check out Thrifty Ways to Go for 2&5® – which can help you eat well without blowing the budget.

Eat well, stay healthy and remember the 2&5® your daily target for good health.


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