PLJPS Term 2 Week 8 Newsletter 2016

June 22, 2016

PLJPS Term 2 Week 8 Newsletter 2016

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Marbles in the Jar

Wow ! What a fantastic achievement — our school has been working together to fill our Marble Jars and so far this year we have achieved a huge 126 jars of   marbles! Classes are all involved in the strategy to encourage positive behaviour.

Continuity and Change

This term in History, room 14 students are investigating continuity and change. Students are exploring aspects of life that have remained the same and those that have changed over time. The  children in room 14 have been visiting places of local significance in our community. This week they visited the Old Mill Cottage at Flinders Park, students identified the similarities and differences of the old cottage as well as discussed why things have stayed the same or changed.


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