PLJPS Term 3 Week 10 Newsletter 2016

October 19, 2016

PLJPS Term 3 Week 10 Newsletter 2016

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Sports Day

Sports Day last Friday was a huge success, with  wonderful participation by the students and great support from the community. Our students all joined in with enthusiasm and the sunshine was a very welcome sight. Thank you to families for coming and encouraging all the children. Thank you to the Port Lincoln Primary School year 7 helpers and to our Parent Club.

The Playground Boat

Late in term 3 room 4 people negotiated the gifting of a small wooden yacht from the George family to the Junior Primary play space. We are in the long process of sanding the top and giving it a coat of paint. Then we will paint a sea design in a similar fashion to how 2014 Room 4 students designed the front steps mural.


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