Term 2 Week 2 2018 Newsletter

May 08, 2018

Term 2 Week 2 2018 Newsletter

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Pets in Rooms 14 & 15

For the past 8 weeks children in rooms 14 and 15 have experienced raising chickens from eggs. Learning how the chicks are hatched from their eggs, kept warm under lights and then eventually growing into the chickens that they have now. Both rooms also have Green Tree Frogs and Stick Insects. Children share the responsibility of feeding the animals and take turns in taking them home over the holiday periods.

Road Safety Around The School

To ensure the safety of pupils, staff and the general public, please be aware of your parking and general driving behaviour on the streets surrounding Port Lincoln Junior Primary School, Primary School & Port Lincoln High School. Please ensure that you are travelling at 25kmph when children are present, not stopping along continuous yellow lines to drop off children, observing the 15 minute parking zones and not parking in Disabled Parking zones if you don’t have a permit. Crossing monitors are present at the crossing each morning until 8:50am and after school until 3:50pm.



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  • Carolyn Ellis-Mallard
    May 08, 2018 at 12:22 pm

     […] Read MoreCan you please confirm the next pupil free day? One part of the news letter says Friday 21st May (which is actually the 18th) and another section shows Monday the 21st May. Many thanks Read Less


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