Term 3 Week 6 2018 Newsletter

August 24, 2018

Term 3 Week 6 2018 Newsletter

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Book Week

Book Week is such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Literature with children. Many of our classes have “found their treasure” in many different ways – visits to the Port Lincoln Library, “Snuggle and Read” time with blankets, favourite books and Milo, dress up parade and special guest readers. Did you know that as         caregivers you play a vital role in setting the foundation for a child’s success as a future reader? Oral language provides the foundation for learning to read and is directly linked to overall reading achievement. When       children are surrounded by, and included in, increasingly complex conversations they:

  • expand their vocabulary
  • increase the complexity of the language structures they use
  • become language risk-takers
  • develop confidence in the way they communicate
  • clarify their thinking and deepen their understanding of their world
  • tune into the sounds of standard Australian English language.


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