Term 4 Week 2 2018 Newsletter

October 25, 2018

Term 4 Week 2 2018 Newsletter

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Introducing Ogyris otanes. Think we will call him ‘Oggy”

How amazing is our new school mural? We have been so privileged to have Karen Carr create this amazing piece of art in our school. Although his origins come from a very clever native species, he has become a fictional character for the purpose of this brilliant piece of art !


Kindy to School : Begins in week 4. We have approximately 96 students coming to our school as Foundation Students next year. They will be welcomed into all classes as part of the Transition program.

Year 2 to 3 : Year 2 students will begin their transition into year 3 with a number of visits beginning in the next few weeks.

There will be an Informal Transition Morning Tea on the 1st November for parents/caregivers of  children commencing year 3 at the Primary School in 2019.





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