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  • Port Lincoln Junior Primary School

    We welcome all our families..
  • Our school values:

    • Relationships

      We value the network of relationships in a child’s life

    • Responsibility

      We encourage responsible behaviour in children

    • Respect

      Respect for ourselves & each other

    • Student well-being

      Students will be supported to develop the skills to be successful participants in the communities of the future.

    • Learning Programs

      Learning programs will challenge students to achieve individual goals and develop skills for powerful learning.

    • School Partnerships

      Port Lincoln Junior Primary currently participates with a School Partnership program across all age groups.

  • Meet our Leadership Team

    Meets our fantastic staff of 2016
    • Shannon Haapanen


      I am the Councellor at the Port Lincoln Junior Primary School. I am here to provide support to students & families, including: student well-being , supporting parents, classroom support for students and connecting with agencies that assist families.

    • Kim Hartley
      Curriculum Co-Ordinator

      I am the Curriculum Co-Ordinator at the Port Lincoln Junior Primary School

  • Our Classes

    Our School has 15 General Classrooms | A Science Room | an Indonesian Room
    & the Resource Centre we all share
    • Our Classrooms
      • Reception to Year 2
        Year Level
      • Vary from 18-26
        Class sizes
    • Resource Centre
      Resource Centre
      • All students
        Year Level
      • Welcome
    • Science
      Resource Centre
      • Reception - Yr 2
        Year Level
      • Own classes
        Class size
    • Indonesian
      • Reception to Yr 2
        Year Level
      • Each Class
        Class size
  • Port Lincoln Junior Primary School

    The school plays an important role in the community by the development of strong professional relationships with all preschools to ensure effective transition processes are established to support children in the early years of school.

    Family involvement is a priority to establish sound relationships and to involve families in their children’s learning. The school operates a playgroup for children and families with a focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills and familiarisation with the school environment.

    • School Values : Respect, Responsibility, Relationships
    • Class size average – R-2 22 students
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